A literature review of Urban Hydrogeological Systems and Flow Modeling Requirement


Dr. ing. Mohamed Amine BOUKHEMACHA

Locatie: Compex Laboratoare Colentina

Descriere:The study of the urban hydrogeological system requires a good knowledge of the whole system; form its individual components and their effects, to the different tools necessary to describe and to assess the effect and the comportment of each component (mathematical model, analytic or empirical methods). This report gives a literature review focused on the flow modeling in urban of hydrogeological systems.

noiembrie 2017

Prezentare - Dr. Marco Denz

Universitatea Politehnica din Catalunia - Grupul de Hidrologie Subterana

25 noiembrie 2010

Spatial and temporal heterogeneity of ambient natural environments play a significant role in large scale transport phenomena.  Uncertainty about spatio-temporal fluctuations in system parameters (e.g., flow velocity) make deterministic predictions of macroscopic

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