Doua posturi vacante postdoc Germania
Doua posturi vacante postdoc Germania


Vacancies - Geowissenschaftliches Zentrum Göttingen (GZG)

In the Department of Applied Geology (Angewandte Geologie, Prof. Dr. M. Sauter) of the Geoscientific Centre at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen two positions are available in the context of a large-scale EU-project (MUSTANG) and to be filled as soon as possible:

Postdoctoral Researcher
( Synthesis of organic compounds / thermodynamics and kinetics of multiphase systems)


Postdoctoral Researcher
(Modelling of Processes in Georeservoirs)

Candidates shall have a University Degree in the disciplines Chemistry resp.  Physics, Civil Engineering, Mathematics and a PhD in the resp. fields. They shall be employed  at 100% of the regular weekly working time (39,8 hours/week) at first for two years. Specialisation / interest should be in the fields of the synthesis of new organic compounds for the investigation of fluid-fluid / fluid-solid interfacial processes and / or surface interaction processes. A thorough understanding of the thermodynamics of multiphase systems together with kinetically controlled transport processes between phases is required. For the modelling position interest /experience in the simulation of surface processes and / or multiphase flow processes would be advantageous. Salary is according to TV-L, depending on qualifications.

The University of Göttingen plans to increase the numbers of female researchers, especially in those areas where women are underrepresented. Therefore qualified female researchers are highly encouraged to apply. Mobility impaired researchers shall be preferentially employed, providing equal qualifications.

A written application including the standard materials should be sent at the latest 3 weeks after the advertisement to: Prof. Dr. Martin Sauter, Geowissenschaftliches Zentrum der Universität Göttingen, Abteilung Angewandte Geologie, Goldschmidtstrasse 3, 37077 Göttingen.

We request that you send us copies of your application documents. We will destroy the documents after a holding period of five months. Application documents will only be returned to you if you provide a self-addressed adequately stamped envelope.


iulie 2018

Prezentare - Dr. Marco Denz

Universitatea Politehnica din Catalunia - Grupul de Hidrologie Subterana

25 noiembrie 2010

Spatial and temporal heterogeneity of ambient natural environments play a significant role in large scale transport phenomena.  Uncertainty about spatio-temporal fluctuations in system parameters (e.g., flow velocity) make deterministic predictions of macroscopic

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