Hydraulic Conductivity Quantification from Aquifer test

Dr. ing. Mohamed Amine BOUKHEMACHA

Locatie: Compex Laboratoare Colentina

Descriere: For the purpose of the parameterization of the experimental site of Colentina, the interpretation of the performed pumping tests is considered. After building a conceptual 3D geological model, it was observed the aquifer thickness is not determined. And so the pumping tests were interpreted using fully and partially penetrating well methods. The obtained results were similar and so it was concluded that the effect of the wells penetration was negligible for the studied system.

septembrie 2017


Universitatea Tehnica de Constructii Bucuresti - Facultatea de Hidrotehnica - Centrul de Cercetare Ingineria Apelor Subterane gazduiesc joi 3 noiembrie 2011 incepand cu orele 11:30 Conferinta AHR : "Apa, Esenta Vietii!" - Amfiteatrul Radu Priscu.

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